Social Inclusion

The Social Inclusion Linkage Group is open to members of the PPN who have an involvement or interest in Social Inclusion issues and how those issues can be promoted through council structures. The Social Inclusion Pillar currently provides representation onto a number of Council Committees such as the Local Community Development Committee, Strategic Policy Committees, Donegal Youth Council Steering Committee and the Northwest Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Social Inclusion LG

Members of the social inclusion Linkage Group pictured with convenor Paul Kernan (background – centre)

The Donegal PPN Social Inclusion Linkage Group have also been involved in developing the Community elements of the Donegal Local & Economic Community Plan, through partnership with Donegal County Council to ensure the inclusiveness of the objectives and actions that will be included in the six year strategy.

Below are the reports from meetings of the Social Inclusion Group to date:

Social Inclusion LG Report – 20th June 2015

Social Inclusion LG Report – 1st September 2015

Social Inclusion LG Report – 17th November 2015

Social Inclusion LG Report – 25th February 2016

Social Inclusion LG Report – 28th April 2016 

Social Inclusion LG Report – 30th August 2016

Social Inclusion Linkage Group Minutes 11-04-17