PPN Secretariat

Secretariat 1
15 Members of the Secretariat (4 Members absent from the photo)

There are 19 members in the Donegal PPN Secretariat. The Plenary of each of the 5 Municipal District PPNs elects 2 members to the Secretariat. This means that 10 members of the Secretariat are drawn from the Municipal District PPNs. The other 9 members are elected by the 3 electoral colleges of the County PPN who each nominate 3 members to the Secretariat. The Secretariat meets on a bi-monthly basis.

The role of the Secretariat is to:

  • —Ensure the proper functioning of the PPN
  • —Coordinate PPN activities
  • —Communicate with the PPN membership and disseminate info re PPN widely
  • —Work with staff to enable delivery of objectives

You can see the PPN secretariat membership and their contact details through the link below:

PPN Secretariat Membership