PPN Representation

To date, the Donegal PPN is represented on 16 different committees and decision making bodies. These are as follows:


Donegal Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

Donegal LCDC comprises of representatives of Local Government, Local Development, State Agencies and Social Partners that has as it’s main objective the preparation of the community elements of a 6 year Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) for the county. It will also be responsible for the oversight of funding sources that will assist in the implementation of the plan, including, SICAP and LEADER.


Donegal Economic Development Committee

Donegal LCDC comprises of representatives of the Local Government, Local Development, State Agency and Social Partners that has as it’s main objective the preparation of the economic elements of the Local Economic & Community Plan for the county.


Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs)

The task of the Strategic Policy Committees is to advise and assist the Council in its work, particularly in the formulation, development and review of policy. The SPC system is intended to give Councillors, and relevant sectoral interests, including the community & voluntary sector, an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process from an early stage, when policy options are more fluid. Each SPC is made up of elected members of DCC and sectoral interests from agriculture, business and the community sector etc.

There are 5 Strategic Policy Committees in Donegal who are involved in the formulation and review of policy in their relevant areas:

  • Economic, Enterprise & Planning Strategic Policy Committee
  • Roads & Transportation Strategic Policy Committee
  • Housing & Corporate Strategic Policy Committee
  • Community, Social & Culture Strategic Policy Committee
  • Environment & Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee



Joint Policing Committee (JPC)

The JPC serves as a forum to develop greater consultation and co-operation on policing and crime issues in a collaborative manner between An Garda Síochána, the Local Authority, elected local representatives and the community & voluntary sector. The purpose of the JPC is not to replicate or interfere with the work of An Garda Siochana or Donegal County Council; rather it is to add value through joint initiatives in partnership with the community.


Donegal Age Friendly Alliance

The Donegal Age Friendly Alliance is the stakeholder group tasked with overseeing and implementing the actions in the Donegal Age Friendly Strategy which was launched in May 2015. The Alliance is chaired by the Chief Executive of Donegal County Council and is comprised of representatives from Age Friendly Ireland, the HSE, An Garda Síochána, Donegal Education & Training Board, LYIT, Inishowen Development Partnership and SITT Rural Transport. The alliance is based on collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve the aims of making Donegal an age friendly county.


Letterkenny Age Friendly Town Steering Committee

This steering committee is tasked with overseeing and implementing the actions in the Letterkenny Age Friendly Town Plan. This plan comes under the Age Friendly Towns Programme, which is being rolled out across Ireland and also forms part of the Donegal Age Friendly County programme but the difference being that it is specific to Letterkenny.


Youth Council Advisory Panel

Donegal Youth Council is made up of 36 young people between the ages of 12-18. The Youth Council Advisory Panel meets approx 4-6 times per year during the working day.  The young people come in and tell the group about their projects and the advisory panel can then give advice or share contacts and sometimes get involved in projects.


Heritage Forum

The County Donegal Heritage Forum is a non-statutory advisory group to provide advice to Donegal County Council on the preparation and implementation of the County Donegal Heritage Plan. The County Donegal Heritage Forum and the Heritage Officer will oversee the implementation of the plan and provide advice on heritage matters on an on-going basis. Membership of the County Donegal Heritage Forum is drawn from the following sectors:                                                                                                                                     –  local government  –  local development  –  state agencies  –  educational institutions  –  landowner/farming representatives  –  community and voluntary groups  –  heritage organisations/groups


Tourism Sectoral Forum

The Tourism Sectoral Forum consists of elected members of Donegal County Council, representatives from the community & voluntary sector, industry, trade and other agencies who meet on a bi-monthly to discuss issues and proposals on tourism trade shows, the LECP Plan, Wild Atlantic Way, The Islands, Donegal Tourism marketing initiatives and site visits etc.


Northwest Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force

This Task Force consists of representatives from Local Authorities, the HSE, the Community Sector, Garda Síochána, Education & Training Boards and others. Its objectives are:

  • To reduce the availability of illicit drugs
  • To promote throughout society, a greater awareness, understanding and clarity on the dangers of drug misuse;
  • To enable people with drug misuse problems to access treatment and other supports in order to re-integrate into society;
  • To reduce the harm caused by drug misuse to individuals, families and communities;
  • To have valid, timely and comparable data on the extent and nature of drug misuse in Ireland;
  • To strengthen existing partnership in and with communities and build new partnerships to tackle the problems of drug misuse.



Letterkenny Community Health Forum

Community health forums are groups of individuals and organisations in a community that come together to discuss and act upon local health matters to enhance the health and wellbeing of their communities. Members of the Community Health Forum engage with the local community and its representative groups on an ongoing basis to identify needs and issues. These matters are then discussed and prioritized and plans are developed to address them. Representatives from the Community Health Forum sit on the HSE led Primary Care Teams and this allows for two-way feedback between the team and the forum, and to the wider community.


To download a PDF document which shows the PPN representatives broken down by their reporting body (linkage group), click the following link: PPN Representation by Reporting Body


PPN Representation