Linkage Groups

Linkage Groups are designed to be the engines of participation in the PPN structures. The Linkage Groups allow member groups with a common interest to meet for topic discussions with similar community groups and organisations, with a view to having these concerns raised and dealt with at the relevant Council Committee.

Donegal PPN to date has established eight Linkage Groups as follows:
1. Social Inclusion
2. Older Persons Forum
3. Fishing & Aquaculture
4. Community Safety and Joint Policing
5. Environment
6. Tourism
7. Community & Voluntary
8. Heritage

Once you have registered for the PPN then you will be able to join the linkage groups.

The function of these Linkage Groups is to elect PPN representatives to Council and related Community structures that deal with this specific interest area. The PPN representatives are the voice of the group and bring issues or proposals raised by the group to the relevant committees. These representatives then report back to the group on a regular basis – thus creating a two-way communication flow.