The PPN Heritage Linkage Group is open to PPN members who have expressed an interest in heritage and are interested in the promotion of heritage in County Donegal. The group also selects representatives to put forward proposals and raise issues through the Donegal Heritage Forum.

The Donegal Heritage Forum is a non-statutory advisory group to provide advice to Donegal County Council on the preparation and implementation of the County Donegal Heritage Plan. The County Donegal Heritage Forum and the Heritage Officer will oversee the implementation of the plan and provide advice on heritage matters on an on-going basis. Membership of the County Donegal Heritage Forum is drawn from the following sectors:

Local Government  –  local development  –  state agencies  –  educational institutions  – landowner/farming representatives  –  community and voluntary groups  –  heritage organisations/groups

At its first meeting, the Heritage Linkage Group  nominated two of their members, Michael Mullen and Molly Reynolds to represent them on the Donegal Heritage Forum.