Fishing & Aquaculture

The Fishing and Aquaculture Linkage Group is open to all groups who have an interest or involvement in the fishing and aquaculture sectors and who wish to influence policy that has an effect on local communities in this area.

The Fishing and Aquaculture Linkage Group has representatives on the following committees:

  • Economic, Enterprise & Planning Strategic Policy Committee
  • Roads & Transportation Strategic Policy Committee
  • Environment & Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee

These representatives were nominated at the first meeting of this linkage group in December 2015. This Linkage Group will continue to meet to receive feedback from their representatives and to put forward proposals or raise issues which can then be brought to the Strategic Policy Committees.

Below are the reports from meetings of the Fishing & Aquaculture Linkage Group to date:

Fishing and Aqucaulture Meeting Report – 3rd December 2015