The Environment Linkage Group is open to PPN members who are interested or involved in environmental issues. The environment, as a topic for discussion, is wide and diverse, and therefore the types of community organisations who make up the Environment Linkage Group is also diverse. These range from groups whose sole function is ecological protection, to parish councils, and tidy towns groups.

The importance of the environment is recognised in the make up of Council committees, with seats being reserved for the environment pillar of the PPN on Strategic Policy Committees and the Local Community Development Committee. The PPN representatives from this linkage group work to make sure environmental interests are considered and adopted in Local Government policy.

The environment linkage group also acts as a hub around which important information on environmental issues, meetings, events and seminars can be distributed

Below are the reports from meetings of the Environment Linkage Group to date:

Environment LG Report – 29th September 2015

Environment LG Report – 24th November 2015

Environment LG Report – 23rd February 2016

Environment LG Report – 24th May 2016

Environment LG Report – 13th September 2016

Environment LG Report – 22nd November 2016