Community Safety and Joint Policing

The Community Safety & Joint Policing linkage group is open to PPN members who are interested in the work of the Donegal Joint Policing Committee (JPC). This linkage group has seven representatives whose role is to bring issues and proposals from this group to the JPC. It is envisioned that this linkage group will work with the JPC to implement some of the actions raised in their strategic plan.

The Joint Policing Committee (JPC)‌‌ is a partnership between Donegal County Council, An Garda Síochána and the Community. The purpose of the Joint Policing Committee is to serve as a forum for consultation, discussion, and recommendations on matters affecting the County.  The Joint Policing Committee has a role in implementing collaborative measures that can enhance overall efforts to address key issues that affect community life including crime prevention, anti social behaviour, street crime, and misuse of drugs.

There are seven PPN representatives on the JPC:

James Trearty (Convenor)

Joe Boland

Lawrence McManus

Lorraine Thompson

Deirdriú Murray

Gary Doggett

Carmel Mulhern 

A strategic planning workshop was held in June to set out the priorities for the Donegal JPC Strategic Plan 2015-2019. The agreed strategic themes are to be:

1.       Road Safety

2.       Public Order and Anti Social Behaviour

3.       Rural Isolation & Community Policing

4.       Cross Border Crime

5.       Illegal Drugs

6.       State Security

7.       Providing Local Services


Below are the reports from meetings of the Community Safety & Joint Policing Linkage Group to date:

Community Safety and Joint Policing Meeting Report – 15th September 2015