About Donegal PPN

Public Participation Networks were established in each Local Authority area as part of the Local Government reform act in 2014 —to enable the public to take an active formal role in the policy making and oversight of local government

What does the PPN do?

  • The main function of the PPN is representation; it ensures that community based organisations are afforded an opportunity to influence Local Authority Policy through participation in it’s various structures in a fair, equitable and transparent manner.
  • It strengthens the capacity of the environmental, social inclusion, and community & voluntary groups to contribute positively to their community
  • It enables as many groups and organisations as possible in the community to articulate and give a voice to the diverse range of views, issues and interests within the local government system
  • It provides information relevant to the environmental, social inclusion and community & voluntary sector and acts as a hub around which information is distributed and received

To date the Donegal PPN has over 460 registered organisations and over 40 Representatives on several Local Authority committees and other structures. You can see a list of these Representatives in the PPN Representation section of this website


Donegal Public Participation Network is supported by Donegal County Council
2015 Donegal County Council landscape

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